Hank Aaron
Saturday, March 06, 2021

Major League

On April 13, 1954, Hank played in his first major league game against the Cincinnati Reds.

On April 15, 1954, he got his first major league hit. Hank hit his first major league home run on April 23, 1954.

He broke his ankle on September 5. He then changed his number from 5 to 44, which would turn out to be a lucky number. Hank hit 44 home runs in four different seasons, and he hit his record-breaking 715th career home run off Dodgers pitcher Al Downing, who also wore the number 44.

Aaron was known to family and friends primarily as "Henry." The Braves thought Hank was quiet and reserved. So, they began calling him "Hank" in public in order to make him seem more accessible. The nickname became popular, but "Henry" was also popular in the media, and Aaron would answer to either name.