Hank Aaron
Saturday, March 06, 2021

Minor League

Hank's minor league career began on November 20, 1951, when baseball scout Ed Scott signed him to a contract on behalf of the Indianapolis Clowns. He played for the Clowns for three months.
He started playing shortstop for the Indianapolis Clowns and earned $200 per month. As a result of his great play with the Indianapolis Clowns, Aaron received two offers from MLB teams by telegram. One from the New York Giants and the other from the Boston Braves. Years later, Aaron remembered:
"I had the Giants' contract in my hand. But the Braves offered fifty dollars a month more. That was the only thing that kept Willie Mays and me from being teammates – fifty dollars."

The Braves purchased Aaron from the Clowns for $10,000. On June 12, 1952, Aaron signed with with the Braves.

Before being promoted to the majors, Aaron spent the winter of 1953 playing in Puerto Rico. During his time in Puerto Rico the Braves requested that Hank start playing the outfield. This was the first time he had played any position other than shortstop or second base with the Braves.